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Car safety: how to prepare your car for a road trip

Are you planning a holiday or weekend away? If you’ll be travelling by car, it’s always a wise idea to ensure you make car safety a priority. Here at Transtate Tyres, our mechanics are here to assist with vehicle safety checks and an extensive range of other services to help ensure your car is ready to roll. Have a read of our helpful summary below outlining our top tips for preparing your car for a road trip or long journey.

Check your tyres

When it comes to car safety, the tyres of a vehicle are paramount. This is why ensuring you check your tyres before heading away on a long trip should be at the top of your list. Underinflated or bald tyres are a safety hazard and also increase your chances of ending up with a flat tyre. To avoid this happening on your road trip, conduct a visual inspection of your tyres before you leave. Check to see if there is any excessive wear and tear, along with checking the tyre pressure. And of course, don’t forget to make sure your spare tyre is ready to use just in case.

Oil, fuel & radiator coolant check

To avoid finding yourself stuck on the side of the road halfway to your destination, make sure that your tank is full of fuel before leaving. While you’re at it, you should also check your vehicle’s oil, coolant and ensure the washer water has been topped up. If you need assistance with any of this, your local mechanic, such as the expert team here at Transtate Tyres, will be able to assist and we can also provide a complete car safety check.

When was your last car service?

Regular car servicing is another important element that impacts car safety. Before you leave for your road trip, take a look at your logbook to identify if your care is due for a service or not. A service is important in ensuring your vehicle is in good working order and any bigger mechanical issues may be avoided. If there are any ongoing car problems you’ve been putting off, now is also a good time to have them fixed.

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Do you need assistance with preparing your car for a road trip? Be sure to ask our experienced team for help. We are experts when it comes to car safety and we are always happy to assist. Contact our Belconnen team on 02 6253 2244, our Tuggeranong team on 02 6293 2538 or our Queanbeyan team on 02 6299 6747.