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Do You Know How To Change A Flat Tyre?

We’ve all been there: stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre (and always at the worst possible time). Our team at Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services share our helpful tips on changing a flat tyre, so you can get back on the road as safely and quickly as possible.

Be Prepared

To change a tyre, you need just a few things: a reliable spare tyre in your vehicle (check your spare regularly to make sure it’s in good condition), wheel chocks, a wheel brace and a jack. You can also invest in a car stand, which helps support your vehicle when you jack it up.

Find A Safe Place To Pull Over

When you hear or feel your tyre going flat, look for the safest possible place to pull over. Try to find a wide, level area that is away from the road itself. Turn your hazards on so other vehicles know to stay clear of your car.

If you’re stuck on the side of a highway or a busy road, it’s safest to call for roadside assistance. Don’t wait in your car; find a safe place as far away from the road as possible.

Remove Your Hubcaps

The first step in changing your tyre is removing your hubcap. They’ll usually be clipped on, so it’s a simple and fast process to remove them.

Changing Your Tyre

Changing a flat tyre is easier if you have the right equipment — and a reliable, quality jack. Always check your car’s manual to ensure you have chosen the right jack for the job.

Whether you have a standard scissor jack (screw mechanism) or a bottle jack (hydraulic), check the manual to make sure that your jack can support the weight of your vehicle.

Secure Your Vehicle

Always remember to put your car in park, put on the handbrake and turn your vehicle off before attempting to jack your car. Take your wheel chocks and place them downhill, to prevent any rolling.

Loosen The Wheel Nuts

Using your wheel brace, start loosening the wheel nuts, turning them anti-clockwise. If they are difficult to loosen initially, try a forceful, fast jolt to loosen the nut.

Raise The Car

Grab your car jack and place it under your vehicle. Your car’s manual should tell you the best place for the jack to sit.

Just remember that jacks should be used on a hard, level surface. Never use other materials (like timber or rocks) to assist with jacking up your car.

Once you’ve located the right spot for the equipment, start winding or pumping your jack until there is a reasonable space between your tyre and the road. You can also use a car stand, if you have one, to further support the weight of the vehicle.

Remove The Wheel Nuts

You’re nearly there! Now that your vehicle is safely raised, remove the loose wheel nuts and stash them in a safe place. The last thing you want is to be fumbling around, looking for a lost wheel nut that’s rolled away!

Now that all your wheel nuts are removed, you can remove your flat tyre.

Put On Your Spare

Line up your spare tyre with the wheel holes and shift it onto the wheel hob. Grab your wheel nuts and put them back on manually (you’ll secure them in just a minute).

Lower Your Vehicle

Now that your spare tyre is in place and your wheel nuts have been screwed on, it’s time to lower your vehicle. Once it’s lowered, you can remove the car stand and finally, take away the jack.

Tighten your wheel nuts with your wheel brace, pop the hubcap back on — and you’re back in business!

Don’t forget to gather up your equipment, as well as your flat tyre, and place it all safely back in your vehicle.

Now all that’s left to do is visit your local Transtate Tyre store and we’ll be happy to repair your flat tyre or help you choose brand new ones.

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