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The benefits of a wheel alignment.

Often we think about our tyres we only ever worry about the air pressure.  We all know that having the incorrect air pressure in our tyres can lead to premature tyre wear. 

Wheel alignments are just as important as putting the correct air pressure in your tyres to ensure the correct performance of the tyre and how the tyre grips the road.
Poor wheel alignment can cause a whole host of problems and here, Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services outline what ill affects you and your vehicle could experience if your vehicle has an incorrect wheel alignment. 

Poor handling 
If your wheels are all pulling in different directions, it can make the vehicle difficult to handle properly which becomes a safety issue. 

Increased fuel usage
The vehicle will need to work harder if the wheels are out of alignment so your fuel economy is reduced. 

Premature tyre wear
A poor alignment will wear your tyres out much quicker, and can also put extra stress on other suspension parts, meaning they’ll need to be replaced sooner.

If you experience the steering wheel vibrating as you are driving, it is a sign your vehicle needs a wheel alignment and wheel balance. 

Voiding tyre warranty
Some tyre manufacturers will require you to carry out periodic wheel alignments so not to void the warranty. 
Not only will you see the benefits of a wheel alignment in longer lasting tyres and a better ride but you will also be gaining fuel economy. 

Wheel alignments are one of the cheapest but effective maintenance measures you can do for your vehicle, which will ultimately save you money in the end and make your car safer to drive. 

The expert technicians at Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services have been performing top quality wheel alignments and wheel balancing for Canberra’s vehicles for 42 years.

We’ve seen every imaginable problem, and solved them all, so you can trust us to keep your wheels aligned and balanced so you can rely on them in any situation.

Enquire now about a wheel alignment for your car using our online form or alternatively, call one of our 3 convenient locations based at: 

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