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Tips on how to avoid premature tyre wear.

If you’ve bought a set of expensive tyres only to find they didn’t last as long as you thought they would, it might not be the tyre manufacturers fault.  

Those tyres could be perfectly fine but it maybe that your driving style or your lack of neglect that has made the tyres wear prematurely!

Running a vehicle comes at a cost, not just with petrol and servicing but in replacing tyres and as they can come at a pretty penny, it makes sense to look after your tyres.  

After all, they are the only things gripping your vehicle to the road!

Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services, with locations at Belconnen, Tuggeranong, Queanbeyan have seen some tyres that have ended up in truly bad shape!. Having been in the industry for 42 years we have seen it all and fixed it all!

Seriously though, bald and damaged tyres are extremely dangerous.  Tyres in this shape are no longer safe to drive on and are legally unroadworthy if they have less than 1.5mm tread depth left. 

It’s no laughing matter when an accident or a death occurs due to the tyres being worn past the legal limit and the motorist didn’t replace them. 

To inform our readers, Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services have put together some tips on how you can avoid premature tyre wear and make your tyres last longer.

Use correct air pressure - Use only the air pressure recommended by the vehicles manufacturer.

Repair any punctures – Be sure to repair punctures quickly as consistent loss of air pressure will cause your tyres to wear out quicker.

Use right tyres for your vehicle – Be sure you have the correct type of tyres fitted to your vehicle to preserve the longevity of your tyres. 

Ensure your suspension is well maintained – If your vehicles suspension is not properly maintained, it will affect how your tyres grip the road and could cause your tyres to wear unevenly.
Rotate your tyres – Rotating the front tyres to the back enables the tyres to wear evenly.

Wheel alignment – Regular wheel alignments will ensure tyres do not wear randomly but uniformly. 

Drive right – If you tend to drive hard on roundabouts and like to spin your wheels, you can expect to significantly reduce the life of your tyres.  Driving in a more moderate and safe fashion will prolong the life of your tyres and reduce the risk of accidents. 

If it is apparent you need new tyres, Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services stock a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets so everyone can motor safely on our ACT roads. 

We offer tyres at genuinely affordable prices for passenger vehicles, wheelbarrow, trailer and ride on mower tyres and we stock all the major tyre brands so you are spoilt for choice. 

Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services expert tyre technicians can recommend which tyres will best suit your vehicle and your needs, then supply and fit your tyres, all with a 100% guarantee!

Contact one of our 3 stores today to book in for a new set of tyres, for wheel balancing, wheel alignment and wheel rotations. 

You can call us at Belconnen on 02 6253 2244, Tuggeranong on 02 6293 2538 and Queanbeyan on 02 6299 6747.