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Nitrogen tyre inflation vs compressed air.

Over recent years there has been some interest in tyre retailers using nitrogen to inflate car tyres over the traditional compressed air method. 
Before nitrogen became more popular to inflate motor vehicle tyres, previously nitrogen was used to inflate the tyres of larger aircraft, heavy commercial vehicles and race cars. 

Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services offer nitrogen to inflate car tyres at our 3 stores at Belconnen, Tuggeranong, Queanbeyan because we believe it gives a superior result than the compressed air method and here we explain why.

Firstly, nitrogen is a non-toxic gas so it does not harm our environment or our people if used correctly, as in fact nitrogen is a component of the air we breathe and the earth’s atmosphere. 

With nitrogen inflation, tyre pressures remain more stable over the long term as the molecular structure of nitrogen is greater than oxygen, so does not permeate through the tyre carcass at the same rate as compressed air.

By having the correct air pressure in the tyre for longer, it also reduces the need to constantly check the pressure as you would be using the compressed air method.  Tyre wear is reduced as the correct air pressure is maintained for a longer period.

With compressed air, any humidity in it condenses to a liquid. When you add compressed air to a tyre, the water enters the tyre as well. Driving makes the tyre heat up, makes the water change to a gas, which then expands, increasing the pressure within the tyre to over recommended levels. Because nitrogen is a dry gas, there is no water in the tyre to contribute to increase the tyre pressure.

As mentioned above, nitrogen inflation assists with water elimination so there is less damage to a tyre and rim through corrosion.  

Whether your car tyres are inflated with compressed air or nitrogen gas, you will still need to maintain your tyres to prolong their life. 

Regular tyre pressure checks, rotations, wheel alignments and wheel balances will ensure your tyres achieve their maximum life. 

We do recommend our nitrogen customers return to a Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services store every 3 months or change of season for free nitrogen pressure checks and adjustment. 
If you would like to have your vehicles tyres inflated with nitrogen, talk to the industry experts with 42 years experience - Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services! 

You can submit your query online or call us at one of our 3 handy locations - Belconnen 02 6253 2244, Tuggeranong 02 6293 2538 and Queanbeyan 02 6299 6747