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How to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

Cars today seem to be a necessity particularly if you live in remote areas or those not serviced well by public transport.  With commuting to work, taking the kids to sports activities and doing the grocery run each week, our vehicles can easily rack up the kilometres. 

Do the above running around and times that by a number of years and it is conceivable our humble motor vehicle will be exhibiting some serious wear and tear.  That’s why it is imperative to keep your car well maintained if you rely heavily on your vehicle.

Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services have 3 service locations at Belconnen, Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan where we service our clients cars, supply and fit tyres, complete wheel alignments and balances, do brakes and suspension and much more. 

We often share with our clients who come into our stores some tips on how to reduce wear and tear on their vehicle, and here we thought we would share these same tips with our readers 

Let the car warm up
Don’t zoom off as soon as you start the car.  Modern vehicles don’t need an extended warm up time but allow a few seconds for the engine to start and the oil to circulate before you stamp on the gas. 

Check fluids
Regularly check under the bonnet that your cars fluid levels are topped up with water for radiators, oil, brake fluid and window wipers. 

Maintain services
Always have your vehicle serviced at the recommended intervals to ensure the life of your engine and to not void your new car warranty. 

Maintain tyre pressure
Ensure your tyres are inflated with the recommended tyre pressure to avoid premature wear. 

Align and balance
At 10,000 klm intervals, have a professional wheel alignment and wheel balance done to prolong the life of your tyres and to improve handling and the ride. 

Be gentle on the brakes
Go easy on slamming on the brakes where possible to ensure you are not prematurely wearing out your brake pads as well as causing your suspension to wear out earlier. 

Avoid lots of short trips
Car batteries need both short and long distances to sufficiently charge the battery.  Lots of short trips undercharge the battery and lead to it failing earlier than it should. 

Don’t ignore any warnings
Cars will give off signs if something is not quite right.  Always have the noise or vibration or light on the dash investigated so a little job doesn’t turn into a very big and very expensive job later on. 

These little tips will help you to reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle and see you happily motoring for years without breakdowns. 

At Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services, our expertise spans 42 years in the industry and our business is maintaining our clients cars so they are operating at their optimal levels.  We also supply and fit a wide range of tyres and wheels as well. 

Our expert technicians can not only assist you with regular servicing of your car and tyres but also help you out if your car just isn’t running normally and needs a professional to look at it.

Our 3 locations at Belconnen, Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan use all the latest in technology and equipment to get you back on the road faster and our work is backed by a 100% guarantee!

Whether it be log book servicing, wheel alignments, brakes or suspension issues, Transtate Tyre & Suspension Services have you covered!

Call one of our stores today - Belconnen 02 6253 2244, Tuggeranong 02 6293 2538 or Queanbeyan 02 6299 6747 or alternatively, just submit your query online!