The brand new Achilles Desert Hawk HT/2 is designed for comfortable driving experience whilst also providing excellent performance.

Key Features

  • Large Shoulder Blocks - provide strength and stiffness for outstanding handling during cornering.
  • Four Wide Circumferential Grooves - achieve superb water channeling. improve wet traction as well as reducing hydroplaning.
  • Solid Centre Rib - delivers straight line stability to improve handling.
  • Interlocking Tread Block - enhances directional stability and cornering performance.
  • HD Silica Technology - improves fuel efficiency and wet traction.

Performance Category: Comfort SUV

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
215/65R16 98S98S686
215/70R16 100H100H707
215/70R16 108/106T108/106T707
225/70R16 107H107H721
235/70R16 109H109H735
235/60R16 100H100H688
245/70R16 111H111H749
255/70R16 111H111H763
265/70R16 112H112H777
275/70R16 114H114H791
215/60R17 96H96H690
225/65R17 102H102H724
235/60R17 102H102H714
235/65R17 108H108H737
235/60R17 106T106T714
235/55R17 103H103H690
245/70R17 110H110H775
245/65R17 111H111H750
255/60R17 110H110H738
265/65R17 112H112H776
225/60R18 104H104H727
225/55R18 98V98V705
235/60R18 107H107H739
235/50R18 101V101V692
235/55R18 104H104H716
255/55R18 109H109H738
265/60R18 114H114H775
235/55R19 105H105H741
255/50R19 107H107H738
275/55R20 117H117H811
285/45R21 109W109W790
315/40R21 111W111W785