Formoza GIO

The Formoza GIO adopts multiple pitches, enclosed grooves on tyre shoulders and evenly cut sipes for lowering noise levels, special compound for enhancing traction and a brand new profile for avoiding uneven wear.

Key Features

  • Excellent Wet Braking Performance - Specialised blade shaped tread design enhances water dispersion for efficient braking and safety when driving in wet conditions.
  • Enhanced Wet Grip, Handling and Traction - Four circumferential grooves allow water to evacuate for enhanced wet grip, handling and traction on wet surfaces.
  • Honeycomb Design on Sidewall - With more space for heat dissipation combined with a special heat-lowering silica compound formula, the tyre's overall heat and rolling resistance coefficient is reduced.

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
155/70R13 75T75T547
155/65R13 73T73T532
165/65R13 77H77H545
165/70R13 79T79T561
175/70R13 82H82H575
165/55R14 72V72V537
165/70R14 81T81T587
165/65R14 79T79T570
175/70R14 84H84H601
175/60R14 79H79H566
175/65R14 82H82H583
185/65R14 86H86H596
185/70R14 88H88H615
185/60R14 82H82H578
195/65R14 89H89H609
195/70R14 91H91H629
165/45R15 68V68V530
165/50R15 73V73V546
185/65R15 88H88H622
185/60R15 84H84H603
195/65R15 95T95T635
195/60R15 88H88H615
205/60R15 91H91H627
205/65R15 95H95H648
215/65R15 96H96H661
225/60R15 96V96V651
205/60R16 92H92H652
215/60R16 95H95H664
225/60R16 98H98H676